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Upgrade Your Ponytail this Holiday Season!

Updated: Mar 13


Upgrade Your Ponytail this Holiday Season! Let me share a few tips to create an elegant ponytail that can effortlessly transform your look from the office to a cocktail party this busy holiday season. The secret to glamming your ponytail is straightforward, and you can get creative with accessories too!

Let’s dive in; the first and most crucial aspect is product! It can make all the difference between a voluminous ponytail and a sad pony. If your hair is thin, apply some dry shampoo and some volumizer spray from ReDavid before blow drying. These combined products will have the hair look thicker. The volumizing spray will prevent the hair from getting oily because it's infused with hyaluronic acid. It’s truly a miracle product. It also helps your scrunchies or elastics from falling out of place, and the texture is phenomenal.

Accessories are another way to upgrade your ponytail. You can make the ponytail look ultra classy with a simple gold accessory, a few pearls or scrunchies available at BelleFemme.

For an extra boojee vibe, you can add a simple knot at the base of a braid. Please look at some excellent ponytail ideas on my IG, where I have a quick style demo. And, for other fun tips and hair inspiration, follow me on all my social media channels!

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