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Why do women's haircuts often cost more than men's?

Generally, women’s hair cuts are more stylized, which takes longer.

Why does red fade faster than other colours?

The red colour molecules are larger than those of other colours, and don’t penetrate as well into the hair cuticle. That’s why reds are notorious for being the fastest fading shade, so you may have to visit the salon more frequently than women with other hues. Using products designed for colour-treated hair and protecting your hair from the sun can help extend your colour.

Why does hair colour seem to fade or turn brassy no matter what I do?

You can’t prevent it, but you can slow it by avoiding harsh shampoos, hot irons, and the sun, which all speed fading. A product that can help protect your coloured locks is a thermal spray and a blue/violet-based shampoo.

Why are hair salon products more expensive than grocery store brands?

It boils down to high-grade ingredients, more oils, minerals, and vitamins, leaving the hair in better condition.

What is the difference between ombre and balayage?

Balayage is the subtlest way of lightening your hair. It is a hand-painted technique leaving sun-kissed soft streaks to create a natural-looking effect. Ombre is the transition to a light shade from a dark shade. Ombres are more extreme, which involves the top end of your hair being darker transitioning to lighter ends.

Are you going blonde? What can we realistically do in one day?

Depending on how dark your hair is and how much you want to lighten it, it can take several appointments to reach your desired shade. It is better to go lighter in a few stages to maintain the health of your hair than to blast it with bleach all at once. The mistake of going blonde in one appointment can end up in hair damage. Staying blonde will require some budgeting.

What should I know about showing photos to the stylist?

Photos are a great way to show your desired style and colour. However, HAVING REALISTIC expectations is essential as most pictures are filtered with grey hues over them; hence white, grey or platinum hair can not be guaranteed, especially in one sitting. Your beginning colour will determine what's possible.

What your stylist wants you to know:

Our most important advice about coming for your hair colour is to have clear communication with your stylist. Often, it can take several steps to reach your desired look.

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