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What is a Hair Color Correction Exactly?

It's just like it sounds - fixing an undesirable result of a color job gone terribly wrong. Hair color messes can happen to the best of us for a variety of reasons. But, not to worry, with some patience and extra care, your hair can always be fixed!

You might need a color correction if your hair turned out an unwanted yellow or brassy tone after getting it colored. Solutions include coloring your hair darker or perhaps lighting your hair to achieve desired results.

How soon can I get my hair color corrected?

When a hair color session goes wrong or box color was used, you'll likely have to go into serious damage control. Although you may want to fix the brassy tones right away, it's likely best to bunker down for a few weeks to protect your hair's health.

Working with a professional stylist can help you decide how much damage was created and develop a plan moving forward. If the damage was minor, perhaps just one professional and natural color application session will fix the issue.

However, if your hair is significantly brittle or dry from over-processing with bleach, you will most likely need to stretch out your appointments and allow your hair to recover. To get hair back in beautiful condition and attain your desired results, hair must be nourished first.

What is color correction by bleaching?

Your hair isn't just one tone. There are so many underlying pigments - red, orange, and yellow. If you ended up with too much copper and gold tones, the blue and/or lightener likely wasn't left on as long as needed. In contrast, by lightning too much, the nutrients and proteins can be stripped and will need to be deposited back into the hair. An experienced stylist can reinstate the hair's health through treatments and bring hair back to life. But, what this means is no more lighting for awhile.

What is color correction with a toner?

If your shade is not right, perhaps the toner was not left on long enough to seal the hair. Toner is used to adjust multiple shades of brassy tones, turning your lovely hair to a much-desired cooler shade. Or, is used to deposit a different color that could be missing. The chosen toner depends upon which level of brass is present. I recommend using JBeverly Hills shampoo and conditioner for blondes, both toning and nourishing, to keep hair toned between hair appointments.

Lastly, I always suggest consulting with a professional stylist that specializes in color and color corrections. Also, I highly recommend using a hair mask such as Redavid Orchid Oil Mask and Orchid Oil Treatment for a nourishing start to repairing your hair.

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