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The Forgotten Scrunchy is Back!

Are you ready to amp up your wardrobe? Scrunchies are great for a glam look or a relaxed beach day and are sure to solve any bad hair day. Scrunchies are perfect on day 2 hair or even 3, 4, or 5. They're simple, effective and fast! No need to wash and style your hair; grab a scrunchy & go.

I was around when scrunchies were first popular, and I wasn't sure if I could embrace them, but I'm glad I did! Scrunchies can add the wow factor to any wardrobe. You can coordinate your handbag with a matching scrunchy or use it as a pop of colour to your white outfit and essential neutral wardrobe.

Scrunchies are stylish and good for your hair as they don't have any metal parts or elastic bands that cause breakage. They can be used for styling high ponytails, half-up messy styles, hair twists, braids and top knots. No wonder hairstylists promote them as a low-maintenance option for clients because they are so versatile.

Scrunchies are amazing for bedtime too. They are soft and gentle, and you won't have dreaded knots in the morning when you wake. For gorgeous heatless waves, braid damp hair and wrap in a top knot with your scrunchy.

Seriously, I have no idea where my elastics and bobby pins went. I place my collection of scrunchies in a beautiful jewelry case where they deserve to be. I love them, and I hope you do too! We have many to choose from at BelleFemme - different colours, sizes, and fabrics. Be sure to pop by and pick up some for an effortless, fun summer look!

Love Rena


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