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Pink Hair Shades to get Inspired by in 2022

If you're getting bored with your natural locks and ready to change things up, why not select this year's hot hair trend, a stunning pink shade?

These days pink isn’t just pink; there are so many shades available to you for every skin tone and preference. Also, there are no boundaries to how you can cut and style your pretty pink hair. Short pixie cuts, long vintage waves, or jawline bobs can transform a day-to-day look into an innovative, cutting-edge signature style that’s certain to turn many heads.

The critical piece for getting the hair of your dreams is having a consultation with a hairdresser you can trust. This way, you can avoid any regrets or frustrations by having a transparent conversation. After all, a change of appearance should be a pleasure, not a traumatizing event. No matter what shade of pink you choose, you’ll need to pre-lighten to achieve your desired look.

Disclaimer: This process usually can be hard on the hair; taking some steps beforehand is best to avoid dry hair or breakage. To ensure the health of your hair, talk with your hairdresser and set yourself up with reconstructive treatments to make your hair stronger before the procedure. *Those with darker hair shades can have a more challenging time achieving their desired shade of pink. In this case, stay calm and be patient. You will achieve your goal.

Since your hair will be more sensitive after lightening and depositing your pink shades, it is highly recommended to consistently use an at-home regimen that includes a deep moisturizing treatment. Such as ReDavid Orchid Oil treatment to seal the cuticles and delay colour fading.

Lastly, use colour treatment shampoos and conditioners for long-lasting results when washing. It’s important to remember that colourful shades tend to fade more quickly, and for this reason, you’ll need to return to the salon for frequent visits to retouch your bright locks more often. Most of all, have fun! Enjoy the process.



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