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Hydrate Your Hair for the Spring/Summer Months

Let's talk about keeping your hair hydrated for the spring and summer months! Your hair is like your skin, and it can get dry from the summer sun, surf and salt. Even harmful chemicals like chlorine or overuse of thermal tools can be hard on the tresses.

There is hope, though. You can use a few simple products to protect your hair to avoid dried-out locks and frizziness. As I referred to initially, your hair is like your skin. We have to protect it. And the products that I will mention will do just that and are recommended to be a part of your beauty budget this summer. Below are my three favourites:

1.) Cedarwood Leave-in Conditioner by ReDavid - this moisturizes the hair, but it also creates protection with the Dynagen protein, a sugar cane protein sourced from France. An excellent product for finer-haired clients.

2.) Orchid Oil Treatment, from ReDavid - this product is excellent for my thicker, curly-haired clients or those that require added protection as this will feed your hair, nourish it and protect it. It is perfect for both wet and dry hair as it will seal and close the cuticle to prevent damage.

3.) Shea Butter Conditioner, also by ReDavid - this is the product for those that love the pool! To avoid developing any chemical damage or perhaps a green tinge to your hair this summer due to chorine, try getting your hair wet before jumping in the pool. Your hair won’t soak up as much chlorine as it’s already wet! Coupled with this conditioner, watch how much longer your colour service will last!

Those are my quick and simple tips for protecting and hydrating your hair this spring and summer! Book your next hair appointment with me now.

Love Rena,


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