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How to Use Hair Oils

Hair treatments and oils can sometimes be intimidating to work with. If you have tried them and they haven’t worked for you, it might be because you haven’t found the right product, or perhaps you have never been shown how to use them properly.

When should you use hair oil?

If you are looking to reduce frizz and fly-aways, and protect from heat, oils can moisturize from root to tip. The one I swear by is the Orchid Oil Treatment by REDAVID Salon Products. This product should be applied on damp hair which seals the oil into the hair by closing the cuticle and hair shaft as the oil dries with the hair.

Worried about using oil on fine hair?

Not a problem! You can use Orchid Oil Treatment without having your hair feel limp and lifeless. The trick is less is more. Use a few drops, gently rub in hands, apply to damp hair and again afterwards when styled.

Looking to tame curls?

Hair oils are also a great way to add shine and manage curls. You only need a couple drops to add luster and reduce fly-aways. Once dry and styled, you can smooth your hair by gently twisting some oil into the curls. Keep in mind though, too much product can flatten your curls.

What if you use too much oil?

Always start with a little product and slowly add more if needed. However, in the event you apply too much, and you don't have time to rewash, use some dry shampoo for a quick fix. This matte powder is very helpful in absorbing excess oil, and will put body back into the hair.

Hair oils are great for all hair types, but should be used sparingly. Always apply from the tip upward, and remember less is more!

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