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Get Hair Health Ready for Your Wedding Day!!

I don't cut any corners when it comes to healthy hair and skin! Moreover, I'm a clean beauty advocate. For all my guests, I suggest that hair prep happens months before the big “I do” and offer a relatively consistent regime for their beauty routine.

First, I recommend washing the hair about three times a week only and being careful not to over-wash, which helps preserve the hair. Concerning skin health, I suggest choosing a clean line and using it both in the morning and night. To ensure your hair looks extra shiny and healthy on your wedding day, I further recommend the following:


This should go without saying, but a significant snip right before your wedding is not a good idea. You want to look and feel like yourself and not be stressed or worried about a new style or length and how to style it. A nice, modest trim with your hairstylist should occur one month before to prep the hair. This time frame allows your ends to look fresh and have a lived-in look!


A big piece of advice I share with my guests is to do away with trendy front chunks, also known as money pieces, ahead of your wedding. You don’t want to look back on photos and potentially regret having a more edgy style/a less timeless look for your wedding day. So, two weeks before the big day, book in to see your colourist to fill in the front highlights and blend them with your normal hair. Then the colour has had a few washes to settle.

Bimonthly Hair Masks

I’ll be honest, I have found that most masks weigh down the hair and make it more brittle and less hydrated in the long run. That is until I stumbled upon ReDavid Orchid Oil Mask that’s filled with shea butter, orchid oil and coconut to hydrate hair deeply. Using it twice a month for a period of a few months will undoubtedly transform your hair's health.

Collagen Supplements

Three months before the wedding, starting to take a super high-quality collagen supplement is very important. This supplement comes in powder form and is virtually odourless, scentless and tasteless, and I found it best to mix it within coffee or orange juice each morning. You will see a definite improvement in your hair, skin and nails after taking this consistently. It helps reduce COVID-related hair shedding and stress as well! You can find this supplement at your local health food store.

And there you have BelleFemme's wedding day prep regime! We are also available for updo's and bridal party hair! Reach out to our team if your big day is around the corner!


Rena Weme

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