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Fine Hair Struggles?

Are you feeling bothered by thin, lifeless hair? There are several tricks to make your hair appear lush and thick, and it's all how you style it and the products you use.

First, make an appointment with your stylist.

There are so many ways to create the illusion of thicker hair. So by meeting with your stylist, you can create a beauty program and a plan of action that best suits your individual needs! Below are some examples:

LAYERS - Adding some to your hair is a great way to hide thinning hair and create a style that adds texture and volume. Even trying a shorter style can prevent hair from falling flat, which can draw attention to the thinner areas of the hair.

COLOUR - There are many colouring techniques like balayage or highlights and lowlights that create the illusion of dimension, unlike single-toned hair colours. Your stylist can educate you on the different options and together figure out which one matches your style best. It is crucial to not over-lighten while adding highlights for dimension as over-processing the hair will cause breakage. Therefore, it is essential to discuss your hair history with your stylist.

HAIR EXTENSIONS - Whether they are clip-in or tape-in, hair extensions are an instant way to add length and volume to your hair. Quality is critical when choosing hair extensions. At BelleFemme Hair Salon, we carry Aqua Extensions, luxury, hand-selected, and 100% Remy human hair.

HAIR PRODUCTS, HAIR PRODUCTS, HAIR PRODUCTS - You can leave the salon looking bomb, but if you do not keep up with the necessary after-care, your investment can fade quickly...

HEAT PROTECTORS - Hair breakage is a risk if you use heat to style and this contributes to thinning hair. A quality heat protector can minimize this risk and allow hair to remain healthy.

DRY SHAMPOO - While dry shampoos are used for absorbing natural oils, they are also amazing for creating lift and volume! *We carry Lanzas Dry Shampoo at BelleFemme.

As you can see, there are so many ways to add dimension and volume to your hair. Don't let flat hair weigh you down ;)! Talk to your stylist today and see what methods are best for you!

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