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Do This One Thing Every Day for Great Hair - Massage Your Scalp!

At BelleFemme, I share many tips to achieve great hair, from product application to styling techniques. Still, there is a trick I want to share as it's my best-kept secret for beautiful and healthy hair and the key to using products like hair oil effectively. I'm talking about pampering yourself with a head massage. Yes, you can do this yourself! Why is this technique important? Massage encourages blood flow to your scalp and follicles, which promotes hair growth and helps with overall hair health and oil production. It also feels excellent and is a great way to destress.

Whether you're doing this solo or with a partner, it should be a part of your daily routine. I recommend working with Redavid Orchid Oil treatment during this self-care ritual to lock in moisture. First, section hair into quarters and apply the oil from the base of the hair shaft, ensuring most of the product saturates the driest region of the hair - the tips. Then, work your way into the scalp in a circular motion with the remaining product. Gently finish by massaging into the base of the neck - yes, this product is excellent for the skin too! If your hair gets tangled, don't try to pull out the knots; you will likely cause some breakage. And, it won't feel relaxing! Small sections are critical. If you choose to massage with hair oil, remember you only need a few drops for your whole head. One common mistake people make with products like oils is using too much. Less is more.

Even if you only have a few minutes, this can become an enjoyable part of a nightly routine. Do this while you are watching a show or settling into your bed. Let me know how this works for you and how your hair feels and looks!


Love Rena

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