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2022 Fall Hair Trends

I don't know about you, but I love the start of fall - the change in seasons, the layers, the scents, the cozy evenings, and the hair trends. I love embracing more coppery tones and warmer blondes for the winter and fall seasons. Here are some notable trends that have us all swooning in fall 2022.

Copper Tones

As soon as I saw a few celebrities step out with beautiful copper tones and glossy brunette colours, I immediately pinned this down as one of the latest fall trends. I think we will see more blondes and balayage toning down and transitioning to richer tones, such as caramel browns with warmth to match the season's mood.

70's Styles

70's haircuts and hairstyles are still a strong trend going into fall and winter. Shaggy all-over layers and bottleneck bangs are hugely popular this season. Loads of volume, big bouncy curls, and natural texture are also big this season.

The Undone Bun

A variation on a messy bun, this style waterfalls the hair, with pieces gently pulled out from the main height and soft tendrils framing the face—the perfect match to a fall wardrobe.

Tweed Blonde

Tweed blonde is a neutral, natural blonde with cool and warm tones finely woven together to create a harmonious blonde look. The subtly contrasting tones criss-cross beautifully, just like the threads of tweed fabric. Plus, the multi-dimensional look imitates how light would reflect on natural hair, creating a sun-kissed look.

These colours and styles deserve a professional stylist's touch to achieve the desired result that you are hoping for this fall season. We are so excited to embrace the latest trends with you!

Rena & Team

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